Precision Smile Designing

Smile is the essential of beautiful face. With the advent of the digital dental technologies, now it is possible to visualize the future smile before starting the actual treatment on the teeth. Digital Smile Designing is the process to achieve the perfect customized smile in convenient way.


  • Diagnosis and treatment planning
  • Scanning of the upper and lower arch
  • 3D digital wax-up of the case
  • Import of the digital wax-up into smile design software
  • Making an informed decision for height width and shade as per need on the patient face

At Precision 3D, we have developed process to design futuristic customized smile design. By utilizing the latest CAD CAM technologies we try to achieve best possible results in each and every case.

Digital Smile Designing Process

  • 1. Diagnosis and treatment planning
    • Carefully listen to patient expectation out of the treatment and make a problem list.
    • Collect records Study Models/3D scan of upper and lower jaw,
      Requirements: Good quality intraoral and extraoral photos are required.
      front smile photo should capture natural smile with adequate amount of gingival exposure. if there is limited gingiva exposure at smile a good quality retracted intraoral photo is required to prepare case for smile designing.
  • 2. Scanning of the upper and lower arch
  • 3. 3D digital mockup up of the case with smile designing software
  • 4. Sharing the details with treating clinicians making possible adjustment if any. Making informed decision for height width and shade as per need on the patient face
  • 5. Import of the digital mock up into smile design CAD software to design restoration according to the planned smile design
  • 6. Finalizig the Restoration, Trial & Final Cemenration of the restoration.