Precision Microguide

Indication: Minimally invasive technique for treatment Calcified root canal of the tooth with a periapical infection.

Requisite for Microguide fabrication

  • Suitable indication
  • Intraoral scan or model scan
  • Cbct of the area of interest with teeth apart [Teeth in occlusion create cbct segmentation issue}

Procedure (put this into graphical format as in case of precision aligners workflor

  • Data acquisition which included CBCT, Intraoral/Model scan
  • Cad planning to determine 3d virtual drill axis planning

Armamentarium required

  • 28 mm or longer round of straight fissure bur 1.5 mm thick
  • 3d printed microguide

Steps in Fabrication

Define 3D drill axis on CAD software using DICOM data. The access to cavity and drill axis planning is done on the calcified tooth/teeth. Guide hole should be slightly larger than the diameter of the drill

The virtual planning is converted into physical treatment tool using 3D (Form 2 – Formlabs) printer and suitable Biocompatible printing material.