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What is Clear Aligners?

Clear aligners are an alternative to traditional braces and are designed to help guide teeth into their proper position. Similar to braces, clear aligners use a gradual force to control tooth movement, but without metal wires or brackets. The aligners are made of a strong plastic material and are fabricated to fit each individual’s mouth. If a series of aligners are needed, each aligner moves the teeth in incraments until the desired movement is achieved.

Prominent teeth

Orthodontic relapse

Mid treatment shift to aligner

Large gap between Upper front two Teeth

Incomplete Orthodontic Treatment

Gaps between Teeth

Crowding & Prominent teeth

Inverted tilted teeth


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Aligner Care Instructions


Per Set Wear Time : 20 hours/day for 15 days

    • Cleaning :

Use soft tooth brush (separate for aligner) and normal toothpaste with gentle pressure to clean the aligner. Avoid using coarse paste and any denture cleansing solution or tab for cleaning aligner as it may affect the transparancy of the aligner Never use any mouthwash any other chemical to clean aligner

    • Pain:

Slight pressure on the teeth is created when one start wearing aligner. There is always some amount of bearable discomfort when one shift to next aligner number as they are meant to move teeth.

    • Schedule:

Remaining in touch with the treating doctor is essential successful clear aligner Therapy

    • Brushing & Flossing :

Regular Brushing of the teeth and flossing is very essential for success of treatment with clear aligner

    • Speech :

Initial slight difficulty in speech is a transient phenomena and gradually it goes away

Precision Aligner Care Instructions

    • Aligner Wear Time:

PA (Precision Aligner should be worn for 20-22 hours /days.
One can drink normal or cold water with aligner but no other colored drink or liquid.
Aligner should be removed while eating anything and preserved and kept in the case given. Once you are done with eating, rinse your mouth thoroughly with water ( preferably brush if possible) before wearing aligner again

    • Don’t With Aligner

Don’t eat with aligner on
Don’t wash aligner with warm water or some other chemicals.
Don’t throw the aligner once you are done with it. Preserve it in the case given for that aligner.

    • Aligner Reminder

It is advisable to set a reminder in your mobile phone to keep yourself alert with aligner wear.

How much time it should be worn?

Wear time 20-22 hours/ day, One set of aligner,/ Single Aligner to be worn for 15 days or as instructed by the treating doctor

Is aligner an treatment option for adult?

Yes, it is very much for adults with good oral hygiene and good gums and teeth conditions

Is aligner is treatment option for teens?

Yes in selected cases it can be used in teens also.

Is aligner material is safe? BPA free aligners?

Aligner material (Polyurethane) is made of medical-grade polyurethane by the reputed companies in the respective field. It has undergone rigorous research before inducting into the field of orthodontics.

Is aligner is solution to all types of malocclusion?

Aligners are very effective in treating mild to moderate types of malocclusion. Difficult malocclusion might need combined therapy for effective end results

What do u mean by ipr/proximal stripping? Is it safe?

It is reducing the width of a few selected teeth based on diagnosis and treatment planning. It is a very established procedure in the field of orthodontics.

How do i find aligner provider in my area?

The Precision Aligner certified specialist list is available on the FIND DOCTOR tab in the main menu section. (please provide link here).

Is retention required after aligner treatment?

Retention after completion of orthodontic treatment is the most important treatment aspect to be followed as per the direction of the treating doctor.

What are retainer options available?

Removable Retention:
Usually, it is for one year period with an initial 6 months full-time wear and then next six month night time wear
Fixed retainer:
Non-compliant cases/ indicated cases it is usually given on the inner side of the upper and lower teeth either with thin wire or fiber splint.

Aligner and speech?

There is a very slight alteration in the speech in the first few days of starting treatment. Once a patient is habitual then a speech comes to normal.

Aligner with habit breaking adjunct?

If requested aligners can be modified to receive some form of habit-breaking design.

Aligner for overseas patients

Certain cases might not need vigorous monitoring during the course of the treatment could be benefited by this feature of Precision Aligner

Finance & aligners

This depends on the choice of the treating doctor to create a suitable payment schedule for the aligner treatment.

How often i have to visit doctor?

Depends on the type of the problem and should be decided by the treating doctor

Is aligner treatment is painful?

Initial 2-3 days, teeth might become sore due to sudden pressure on the teeth. There are chances of some ulcers on the cheek and tongue as these parts don’t have any habit of aligner before.